Redefining the Future 

- Lola debuted a brand new Roland baby grand piano during the Future Redefined global 24-hour music festival.  The event featured some of the world's leading musicians performing in every time zone from Australia to the United States.

Lola releases rock anthem 

09/01/2016 - Lola has always defied expectations, and today she unveiled yet another side of her talent releasing Freedom - a rock anthem that she wrote and co-produced. "The style of the song may surprise some people, but it was born as a classic American rock ballad, so I wanted to preserve its character: strong, unyielding, hopeful…” said Lola. 

With powerful vocals by Jeff Scott Soto of the Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Freedom is dedicated to the memory of the victims of the recent terror attacks, and to our men and women in uniform.  Most profits will be donated to American veterans' organizations.

Visit & download Freedom from one of these storesiTunes, Google Play, & Amazon.

Anniversary Season Grand Finale 

05/15/2016 - The most vibrant American city, Miami celebrated its symphony orchestra's 10th anniversary at the Arsht Center tonight, with Lola taking the stage to perform a Mozart concerto, followed by a powerful classical/rock encore for piano and electric guitar.  "Lola Astanova...thrilled the audience with her flawless presentation", wrote the Venue Magazine.  The concert also marked the season's grand finale for one of the most innovative classical ensembles in the country.  (Photo credit:Rafael Mantilla)

Lola plays Mozart 

04/10/2016 - The Kravis Center for the Performing Arts was the venue.  Mozart concerto No. 20 was the composition.  And wearing a red Alexander McQueen gown, Lola had closed the season with the Palm Beach Symphony in grand style.  "Astanova's performance of Mozart was light and precise", wrote a critic,"Her technique was solid, quick and seemed very appropriate for Mozart".  But it was Lola's innovative encore, her rendition of Liszt's La Campanella accompanied by an electric guitar, that really delighted both the audience and the experts, "Her Liszt encore gave a glimpse at what could have been a captivating, experimental and fun program".

Lola on NBC 

04/08/2016 - Lola appeared on NBC promoting her upcoming concert with the Palm Beach Symphony at the Kravis Center.

Lola's epic "Freedom" rocks Miami 

03/20/2016 - Sunday night at the Arsht Center in Miami was extraordinary: for the first time in her career Lola took the stage not only as a piano virtuoso, performing her original rock arrangement of the famed La Campanella by Paganini-Lizst, but also as a composer and songwriter.  The Miami Symphony and a multi-talented group of artists, which included the Rock & Roll and Grammy Hall of Famer Sam Moore, closed out the show with an epic performance of Lola's original rock anthem Freedom, bringing the sold-out "Miami Rocks" crowd to their feet!