Lola plays Mozart 

04/10/2016 - The Kravis Center for the Performing Arts was the venue.  Mozart concerto No. 20 was the composition.  And wearing a red Alexander McQueen gown, Lola had closed the season with the Palm Beach Symphony in grand style.  "Astanova's performance of Mozart was light and precise", wrote a critic,"Her technique was solid, quick and seemed very appropriate for Mozart".  But it was Lola's innovative encore, her rendition of Liszt's La Campanella accompanied by an electric guitar, that really delighted both the audience and the experts, "Her Liszt encore gave a glimpse at what could have been a captivating, experimental and fun program".

Lola on NBC 

04/08/2016 - Lola appeared on NBC promoting her upcoming concert with the Palm Beach Symphony at the Kravis Center.

Lola's epic "Freedom" rocks Miami 

03/20/2016 - Sunday night at the Arsht Center in Miami was extraordinary: for the first time in her career Lola took the stage not only as a piano virtuoso, performing her original rock arrangement of the famed La Campanella by Paganini-Lizst, but also as a composer and songwriter.  The Miami Symphony and a multi-talented group of artists, which included the Rock & Roll and Grammy Hall of Famer Sam Moore, closed out the show with an epic performance of Lola's original rock anthem Freedom, bringing the sold-out "Miami Rocks" crowd to their feet!

Lola plays Gershwin 

02/19/2016 - In case you missed it on PBS this winter, here is Lola's performance of Gershwin's famed Rhapsody in Blue with the Emmy-Winning All-Star Orchestra and maestro Gerard Schwarz:

Lola on PBS 

01/10/2016 - The new year began with Lola's appearance on PBS' "Debra!!!" with Debra Tornaben.

Lola performing with All Stars 

11/01/2015 - This November, Lola performs Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue with the Emmy Award-winning All-Star Orchestra & Gerard Schwarz on PBS. Check your local PBS schedule. 

Pure Russian Music 

- It was all about purity and beauty of the Russian music as Lola once again collaborated with the great Gerard Schwarz and the West Virginia Symphony Orchestra at the Clay Center.  The two concerts and one matinee performance were greeted with an "an extended ovation" from the audience that turned up in large numbers to see Lola perform for the second season in a row.  The previous collaboration with maestro Schwarz and his Emmy-winning All-Star Orchestra was the recording of Gershwin's famed "Rhapsody in Blue", which will be released later this year.  Click HERE TO WATCH THE TRAILER.

Lola named among top performers of the season 

- "...the heart of the performance was Lola Astanova’s Paganini Rhapsody by Sergei Rachmaninoff.  The stunningly beautiful pianist is an artist of the highest caliber, a virtuoso with as much subtlety as steel in her fingers." - raved the arts critics as they put together a list of their top picks of the 2014-15 season.

"They were on fire..." 

03/18/2015 - A beautiful evening at the Mar-A-Lago Club marked the final performance of the season for the Palm Beach Symphony, with Lola as the star soloist of the concert.  It was the night of Rachmaninoff and the energy in the hall was unmistakable:  "They were on fire, with subtle waves of energy pulsating like fireworks. " - wrote the Palm Beach Daily News.  Lola has once again proven to be one of the most exciting live performers of today being able to "...charm with subtlety as much as she can overwhelm with steel and fire."  The Palm Beach ArtPaper's final verdict was equally impressive: "Throughout the work, she demonstrated more of that delicate touch, with runs in the upper keyboard seeming to float in thin air, and an easy command of the very difficult runs spread throughout the piece. This was virtuoso playing in the old style, lyrical and romantic."