April 13, 2018 - Originally written for a film, this melody was not intended for release, but after a short EDM video created a wave of requests to do a full version, Lola decided to release CONTINUUM as a…

LoLa & Hauser second release

March 8, 2018 - It is finally here:  WATCH the LoLa & Hauser original arrangement of the Mia and Sebastian theme from the Oscar-winning film La La Land.

New Music - New Collaborations - New Chapter

In 2017 Lola was busy working on her original music and exciting new collaborations.  These projects are coming your way in 2018!

In the meantime, please follow Lola's INSTAGRAM and FACEBOOK pages for the latest images, videos and stories.  …

Redefining the Future

- Lola debuted a brand new Roland baby grand piano during the Future Redefined global 24-hour music festival.  The event featured some of the world's leading musicians performing in every time zone from Australia to the United States.

Lola releases rock anthem

09/01/2016 - Lola has always defied expectations, and today she unveiled yet another side of her talent releasing Freedom - a rock anthem that she wrote and co-produced. "The style of the song may surprise some people, but it was…